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Love at Sea – Part 32/33

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Two men fall in love on a boat in 1912.

“Nan, tell me the story about Grandma Paige again” the young girl asked for a bedtime story.

“Really” the Nan asks “Again” she had told the story many times before but she knew it was one of her favourites.

The little girl just nods her head “Please”.

“Shall we carry on from last time then” the Nan says and again the little girl nods along with her in agreement “so it’s around 11 o’clock and the iceberg has just hit...”

People are coming out onto the deck wondering what has just occurred; though there was a fair few jolts from where the ship was hit. The cold sent most of them inside again; the only people that stayed outside were those that witnessed the iceberg pass by. Kevin and Scotty were among the few that did.

The Titanic was always thought to be the unsinkable ship, since it’s conception but they knew something really bad had occurred.



They both wanted to hold each other but with others around they knew it wasn’t safe. There was also the additional concern that Kevin’ family was on board.

“I need to find them” Kevin said and Scotty nodded agreeing with Kevin “Will you come with me” he added nervously; there was a slight fear in his voice.

“Of course Kevin” Scotty said following after Kevin’s shadow.


John had felt the vibration of the collision but after that he hadn’t paid much notice; the kitchen still needed to clean from the evening meal. There were also passengers still in the Saloon so the staff would have to wait until they left to finish cleaning up.

It was the usual individuals that wouldn’t leave the Saloon; after a couple of days a pattern develops as to which passengers would be the last to leave. He wished that he had kept Scotty around for a bit longer but he could tell that Scotty wanted or rather needed to leave at 11. Though he was a fantastic cook; Scotty could also managed to keep the spirits of the staff up. It was becoming clear around 11:30 that they just wanted to leave. Most would have to be back for 6am anyway.

It was approximately 12:20 that a serviceman came into the kitchen with reports of a collision and the fact that the Titanic was sending out a distress message of ‘CQD’ and rumours were circulating about the lack of lifeboats for all onboard.

John had no idea how to react to the news but Scotty was the first person he thought of; he had to find him.


Kevin found his family leaving the Saloon shortly after seeing the iceberg.

“Mum” Kevin said nearly running towards her to hug her and his sisters quickly “did you feel it?” he asked them quickly.

“What” Nora answered with little to no worry “that little shake; Kevin it was nothing” clearly she wasn’t concerned.

“We were outside” Kevin said as he pointed to Scotty “it was not nothing, Mother. Please, Father” he said turning towards him “we saw an iceberg” he looked at each member of his family “we hit an iceberg” and Scotty nodded his confirmation as well.

“Not possible” William interjected “we have seen icebergs before; why are you so concerned?” not only did he not believe Kevin he couldn’t see the concern even if they had hit an iceberg “this ship is unsinkable” he said with insurance in his voice.

“Are you that gullible” Scotty said approaching from behind; obviously from his face he actually believed his own words “we felt and saw that iceberg; there is no doubt in my mind that this ship will sink, we should be ready to leave this ship and soon”.

“Father” Sarah said stepping up from behind the family “what if it is true”

“Then the Captain will tell us” William again assured the family “and only then we will prepare to leave this ship” he continued as he walked pass Kevin and Scotty and his family continued dutifully. The one people to stay behind were Justin and Emily.

The look of horror was clear on their faces; how could they not believe.   


The rush of people had become evident to all; particularly the service men of the boat. There was no way that people could not understand the importance of this; the only error was that of invisibility and ignorance.

Scotty and Kevin stayed close together with Emily and Justin; whispered words were exchanged. None of them knew what was occurring but they could all sense the atmosphere.

Scotty recognised one of the running bodies and yelled out his name “John” with one look John came running over to Scotty and hugged him not really wanting to let him go.

“Oh, god, Scotty” he said once he let go of him “I’ve been looking for you” he said scared.

“Do you know what is happening” Scotty asked.

“You need to get yourself and Kevin to a lifeboat” John said; Scotty was the closest thing he had to a brother and he needed to look after him.

“We can wait our turn John” Scotty rushed to say “so the ship is really sinking”

“Yes” John confirmed “and don’t wait” he looked firmly “you get on the first one you can”

Scotty connected the dots from the lack of information “there isn’t enough?” he asked shocked.

All John did was nod and then leave him shouting “I have to help” he rushed away to help with the procedures of evacuation.

“We have to tell the family” Justin said quickly.

“We already tried that Justin” Kevin said maybe a bit too strongly “what makes you think they’ll listen this time”.

“We have to try” Justin again tried to reason “they are our family”.

“I have all the family I need right here” Kevin said looking around at the three people in front of him “do you think that father would actually listen to any one of us” they all shook their heads.


William was starting to actually believe Kevin now; he knew that the ship was sinking, he could feel and see it. The people he could here yelling from the below decks.

He decided it was time to be proactive; he will make a deal to safe himself and those he cared about. He knew he’d have to find Justin and Kevin soon but first things were to make sure he was safe.

A deal was met with one man; himself was safe. Now he was determined to find the truth from the people closest to him. The women were easily safe; as was his grandchildren but didn’t mean he couldn’t use their fear against them.

“I want the truth” William said motioning the family towards him “who stole the ring from the safe” he demanded “blaming Justin is a perfect alibi for one you” he said looking at all of his children’ faces and those of their partners “he is a drunk and quite useless” Nora didn’t like the use of those words to describe her child but kept quiet; she also wanted to truth.

“Um, Justin” Sarah answered; it was quite clear to herself.

Tommy and Julia looked at each other; they believed it wasn’t Justin but they didn’t know who between Kitty or Sarah it was though they had their suspicious.

From the look on their faces William said “Thomas, Julia stayed with Nora. No it wasn’t Sarah; it was staged, quite nicely done but staged still” he still couldn’t tell between the two of them.

“It was me” came a voice and all heads turned towards it.

End of Part 32


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