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Love at Sea – Part 27

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Figured I should 

change the summary since I’m not at university anymore. Two men fall in love on a boat in 1912.

A/N was trying to get this done by Christmas but with people to see, presents to deliver and jobs to apply for couldn’t manage it. Sorry. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to everyone.

“What the hell do you think you are doing” William asked quietly but obviously very angry most of it was pointed directly at Kevin.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Kevin said calmly pretending as if Justin and Emily were the ones to be married along.

“You know exactly what I mean” William said still not raising his voice but obviously getting angrier with every passing moment.  

Sarah started to Kevin’s tactic and played along with the plan “Whatever are you talking about father?”

Kitty just sat there still confused by the situation but decide that she would discover the truth eventually; she was always the last to be told about anything.

“Congratulation on the engagement Justin” Tommy said smiling and Julia nodded beside him happy that they were finally admitting their true feelings “And Emily” Tommy said after a seconds hesitant look at Kevin. Kevin looked complete happy with the results.

“So, I guess we have a wedding to plan for” Nora said slowly knowing that William hates to be disobeyed and this was unlikely to be the last time he would mention the situation.

 This was proven with Williams next words “I will not condone this; you are acting like it was these two that would have married when it wasn’t. Kevin I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me on this matter”

It was at this point that Emily spoke in a polite but forceful manner “I should not have accepted Kevin’s proposal; that is my fault, especially when my heart belongs to another. It was your fault that we have been put in this situation; for you used the one thing that would false Kevin to marry me, his family” the rest of the individuals at the table suddenly understood why yesterdays proposal had taken place now “you used it because you knew it would work. Well, now it had backfired, I will be marrying into the family as you had wished just not to the person you wished it to be. We will announce Justin and myself engagement once we are in New York; people will come to the conclusion that I grew closer with Justin over the time spent with this family. This is the best solution for all involved” Emily was strong on the outside but trembling in the inside; this was William Walker after all “Kevin will continue to be part of the family and two people who love each other will marry; that is the way this situation will happen. You will not cause trouble”.

“” William was trying to determine the words to form a sentence but he was in shock.

He looked around at his family for the first time and really saw them; they originally looked shock by what Emily had said, she is normally such as gentle character. Then after a few moment the shock turned to smiles as the saw the reaction that the speech had caused on himself; they were close to gloating.

Did he really make them that miserable that he actually liked the fact that someone was able to unnerve him so what. All he had ever wanted was the best for his children. He knew an unmarried lawyer would not process further in his career unless he was seen as married. He knew the connection to Senator would help his business and give Kitty the glamorous life she wanted. He knew that an artist salary would not have been high enough to support his daughter and the family she had wanted. Though Sarah had ignored him and Luc had made a name for himself in the industry; so maybe it could be possible that he was wrong in this case a well, though he would never admitted it to the people in front of him. Maybe Kevin would progress in his career because he was good at his job; maybe.

“Oh, whatever” William said pretending not to care but they was a sigh of relief from everyone; no more arguments. This was as close as any of them were going to get for a sorry and let them live their life.

Nora put her hand on his leg in a sign of comfort and also an congratulations for not causing a scene. Though she was still determine to believe that this wasn’t the end of the conservation. William had given in too easily.


The rest of the breakfast was uneventful; with unimportant conversation taking place.

During the time Emily kept a close eye on Kevin; he was completely happy when they had sat down at the beginning of the meal but he smile was disappearing slowly and he kept looking over at the kitchen.

They had spent the night discussing their plans but also their love for the Justin and for Scotty. She knew Kevin wanted nothing more than to go into the kitchen, grab hold of Scotty, tell him he wanted to be with him and kiss him. They both knew that they couldn’t do that though.

Kevin was trying to decide a way to approach Scotty after they had basically said they would never see each other again.

Kevin was so busy in his own fault that he hadn’t seen Scotty leave the kitchen and was rushing out of the Saloon.

“Oh, Kevin” Emily said and waited until Kevin looked directly towards her “hadn’t you mention needing to write a letter for work” and then stared after Scotty.

Kevin turned and could just see Scotty leave the Saloon and rush around the corner.

“Oh, yes, Emily” Kevin said hurriedly “thank you for reminding me” he stood up “please excuse me” and then rushed after Scotty.

If anyone had noticed the properly exchange between Kevin and Emily; they ignored it and went about their own business.

End of Part 27

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