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Love at Sea – Part 30

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Two men fall in love on a boat in 1912.

The scene at the Saloon was one of couples dividing up to have to rest of their day together. The events of the morning were still clear in their mind and no one had any idea how to act together so the solution was to separate.

The eldest were the first to leave; Sarah called to her children to follow and Luc pursued as the dutiful husband that he is.

“Well, that was surprising but not so much at the same time” Sarah says to Luc and then continues “though that probably makes little to no sense” she said as she shook her head clear.

Luc smiled at the comment, they had been together for so long that understood her complete “You mean that Kevin and Emily had never really felt right” Sarah nods in confirmation “this might be unprecedented but I do prefer Emily with Justin instead; they seem to fit together”.

Sarah stops and smiles at Luc; then pulled him over to her for a quick kiss and then looked him in the eyes and said “I think I love you at little bit more with everyday; you just understand me so simply and fully” and then started to follow her children when Luc said “That’s because we fit together; like a puzzle”.

He pulled her hand into his and then followed the children; thinking how radiant his wife was and how perfect his life was, he had everything and more than he dreamed he would.

Paige looks back at her mother and says “does this mean that the ring will go back to grandmother; it’s a shame if it does, so pretty it shouldn’t be hidden”.

Good point Sarah thought.


Tommy and Julia couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the situation this morning.

Lunch was spent proving their delight with spending their lunch with the newly engaged couple. Both Emily and Justin looked glowing; neither had seen them this happy before.

Justin was drinking but only water; he was laughing and smiling, which was something Tommy hadn’t seen since he was a kid and something Julia had never seen.

It was a revelation to them and they couldn’t wait to see how it developed with the engagement.

Maybe Justin would be able to stay sober now that he had a positive force in his life and right beside him.

Julia looks down Emily’s hand by chance and sees the ring glistering in the sun; she wonders if she or Justin will feel awkward about wearing the ring that Kevin proposed to Emily with. It is a gorgeous ring though.


“So” Kitty said still trying to understanding what had happened this morning. Sometime she really could be ditzy. Robert had spent the majority of the day explaining the situation; it was actually late in the afternoon by the time that Kitty finally understood what had occurred.

“So” she continued “Kevin asked Emily to marry him but then decided to NOT marry her. Which would cause reputational damage to both of them, to save them from this they asked Justin to marry Emily. This was a good thing because it turned out that they actually loved each other anyway”.

“Yes, right” Robert said happily; finally the women understood.

“But what happens to Kevin now” Kitty said “I mean he needs to marry someone; plus he has already given the ring away” she frowned.

“Well I’m sure he’ll find someone else; the way he broke the engagement made me think that maybe he already found that person and he can always buy a new ring” Robert clarified.

“But with the ring on Emily’s finger the ring will never be on the finger it was supposed to be” Emily said with distaste in her mouth.


“Nora” William said sudden “I can’t believe you understand this; you should not be allowing it, let alone agreeing with the situation” he couldn’t believe that after the whole day of talking Nora still thought this was an great idea.

“For the last time William” Nora said getting angry; they had gone over this a number of times through the day “I knew that Kevin did what to marry Emily; he might have thought the idea was good for a second but in reflection he knew that it wasn’t right for either himself or Emily or Justin even” she thought sadly how she had not realized that Justin was in love with Emily; it was so obvious.

“I don’t care whether it wasn’t that good of an idea, he should have held his promise, as should have Emily” William was still angry with it; how could his son have done this.

“Oh, I’ve had enough of this William” Nora set know furious with her husband “the only person to blame in this situation is you, you’re the one that force Kevin to go through with the proposal. Oh, don’t give me that look, I know you did it, I might not know what but I’m not as stupid as you think I am. Now, were going to bed and no more of this is going to be talked about” Nora said as she made her way to the bed.

William followed Nora’s lead and decided a clearer head tomorrow would help with the situation though one issue still annoyed him “What about the ring?” he knew it was always supposed to be for Kevin’s wife.

“Oh” Nora said a bit softer than earlier; she knew it was always destined for Kevin’s wife “I don’t know, for now though let us sleep”.


“You know” Scotty said wrapping himself around Kevin “I could get used to this”

“Me too” Kevin said returning the half hug; he moved his head backwards so that he could kiss Scotty again “life in bed with you and I could die a very happy person”.

“A few days in bed and we will be dead” Scotty said laughing but stopped when Kevin looked confused “if we stay here and continue with what we have been doing all day then we’ll not die of malnutrition” Kevin smiled and moved around to be in Scotty’s arms probably.

“Especially with the amount of exercise we’ve had” and Kevin goes in for another kiss; he wanted to get enough of Scotty as he could.

Scotty was enjoying himself way to much but he knew that they had to stop so he pulled backward “Kevin” he said trying to avoid Kevin’s lips which were only centimetres away.

“Kevin” Scotty said more forcefully and finally Kevin stopped trying to distract Scotty.

“What” Kevin said in a bored manner.

 “It’s night” Scotty said pointing to the window in the room; it was a very clear night and already they could see all the stars in the sky.

“And” Kevin said not understanding the problem.

“I actually have to work in the morning” Scotty said laughing “which would require at least some sleep”.

“True” Kevin said but still moved closer to Scotty; knowing Scotty’s body already, he wasn’t going to let Scotty go to sleep anytime soon. Scotty knew this and before he realized in he was caving to Kevin’s demands.

End of Part 30

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