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Love at Sea – Part 26

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: AU this is my first try at this one. So at the moment I’ve been writing about a case study for my course; this makes me feel like I’m still doing uni work

Justin just sat there listening to what Kevin and Emily were telling or more asking. He couldn’t quite process the information.

Did they really just ask him to do that; or did he just image what he heard, or maybe he was still passed out and this was some very realistic dream.

After the rushed speech that came from Kevin; Justin looked up to Kevin’s hopeful face and Emily’s smiling down on him, with if Justin wasn’t mistake a look of love in her eyes.

“Are you two serious about this?” Justin said still in shock not quite believing his luck; both of their nodded their heads quickly.

“Okay” Justin said making the word as long as he could; like he had any choice.

Even if he wasn’t in love with Emily there was nothing that Justin wouldn’t do for his brother but the fact was that he was in love with Emily.

“Really?” both Kevin and Emily asked at the same time; Kevin really glad that Justin would actually agree to the plan and Emily because it meant that she could marry the person she was in love.

“Yeah, I’m in” Justin said; Emily and Justin only had eyes for each other at that moment. They were softly smiling each other; as if they shared a secret that no one else knew.

Justin broke out of his trance to look at his brother; who generally seemed happy and pleased even though Kevin had pretty much handed him his girlfriend.

“Why?” Justin asked in a soft but firm tone.

“Because” Kevin said carefully thinking of the right words to describe the situation “neither Emily nor I are in love with each other. She loves you and I’m in love with someone else” Justin didn’t even asked who that person was; he knew it would be another gentleman, which is why he wasn’t naming any names.

“It is unfair that we should be in love with other people and stay with each other because we are worried about our reputations or the consequences of our actions” Kevin finished; to hell with consequences, why should he be unhappy because the world didn’t except the fact that men could find other men attractive. He knew that Scotty and him couldn’t be as open as they wanted to be with each other, unlike Emily and Justin, Sarah and Luc, Julia and Tommy or even Kitty and Robert but at least they would still be together. It hurt not to be.

“So, what or how do we do it?” Justin asked; all Kevin and Emily had asked was whether he wanted to marry Emily.

“In time, bro” Kevin said picking himself and Justin up “first things first, you need to wash and clean yourself up; then we’ll tell you”.

Justin looked down at himself in disgust realizing that bad smell was actually him; one look in the mirror and he could tell that it would take longer than a minute to be presentable.

Then he wondered what was Emily thinking; wanting to actually marry him, he was unemployable and self-loathing. Then again; if Emily something that she liked maybe he was worth it after all.


“So, that easy, hun” Justin said shaking his head trying not to laugh at the idea.

“Look” Kevin said getting angry “we thought about this all yesterday and most of the night; whatever method we choose to present this to the family, father is going to react badly; right?” and he waited until Justin agreed with a slight nod.

“So, why try being complicated, why not choose the simple method” Kevin asked again sounding like the lawyer he was presenting his case and knowing he had the best outcome.

Kevin, Justin and Emily all nodded in agreement and it was at that point that Justin took Emily’s hand in his own and they entered the Saloon together for breakfast; a united front against everything.


It was Sarah that was the first person to notice them arrive; it didn’t slip her notice that Justin was holding Emily’s hand either. What was that about? Though the three of them approaching the seats looked nervous; there was also a happy note about all three of them, a comfort in each other. Luc as a artist noticed the beauty radiating from Emily; the warmth was overwhelming.

Julia wasn’t far behind Sarah and she quickly whispered in Tommy’s ear “Told you, they would make a better couple” she nodded at Justin and Emily. All Tommy could do was nod and agree; they looked a thousand times happier and comfortable with each other.

Kitty and Robert sat there confused; both having the same thought, wasn’t it Kevin that was supposed to marry Emily. Were they mistaken? What was happening?

Nora couldn’t help but be happy with the situation; both Kevin and Justin seemed happy with the situation, and she knew that Emily didn’t really belong with Kevin. Why hadn’t she seen that she belonged with Justin.

Nora looked at the happy faces of the family; though Kitty and Robert looked confused ‘how did I raise such an idiot’ she thought to her. So, the family seemed happy with the situation.

It was at this point that Nora turned to William and he couldn’t look less happy if he tried, actually he looked furious.


William had turned around when he noticed that most of the family were looking; well actually they were staring at something.

He was becoming more furious with ever step that the three of them approached the table; what the hell was Justin doing holding her hand.

There is no way that he was going to allow this.

He waited until they were at the table and had sat down in the remaining three seats.


End of Part 26
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