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Love at Sea – Part 15

By Kymley
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: AU this is my first try at this one. So at the moment I’ve been writing about a case study for my course; this makes me feel like I’m still doing uni work.
Kevin quickly comes out of the dining saloon and looks around not sure where to go; he realizes that he is going to break down at some point and start to cry.
So confused with emotion he doesn’t think he’ll make it back to his room in time and there is the additional factor that Emily might actually be there too.
Another quick look around and he see a wash room close by; at least its first class so it will be tidy and kept private. Most first class passengers rarely use them because they prefer to use their private ones in their rooms; so he isn’t surprised when he enters it and it’s empty.
He is staring in the mirror at his expression so focused on not crying that he barely notices the fact that someone has followed him inside the wash room and locked the door behind himself for privacy; not that there was much chance that anyone would come in, he still thought it would be best.
Kevin didn’t notice Scotty until he was standing right behind him and said his name.
“Kevin” Scotty said carefully so that he didn’t frighten him.
Kevin turned at the mentioned of his name and said a silent “Scotty”; he couldn’t understand how he had followed him or more importantly why he did.
Once he got his composure back he asked Scotty just that “What are you doing here?” the shock of seeing Scotty pulled back the tears that had been about to come out.
“I... um... I saw you in the dining saloon” Scotty said not sure what he was actually saying or where the conservation was supposed.
“And?” Kevin said getting annoyed; he couldn’t understand why Scotty was there, especially when he had made it clear that there was nothing between them.
“I saw you and I thought maybe you might need someone to talk to” Scotty said trying to act as a friend.
“But I don’t” Kevin said turning back to the mirror but he was still looking at Scotty through the reflection; though he was trying to do it carefully.
Scotty was tempted to leave at this point but knew that if he didn’t at least try he would regret it; maybe not today but someday.
“I wanted to say I’m sorry” Scotty said trying to explain his feeling “I shouldn’t have reacted like that. The truth is I have been with other men that have partner as well but this time I didn’t want that. I wanted you” Scotty said looking at Kevin in the mirror and caught his eyes “I chose to live my life in solitude and that is mine chose. But I think the real reason I reacted that way was because I wanted you; to have you all to myself” he concluded nervously.
“You were right though” Kevin said still refusing to turn around “I mean; I spent half the night awake thinking about what you said. I thought about how I could marry someone I don’t love just to keep up appearance” he said spitting out the words “then I thought about Emily; why would she want to marry me, she is aware of the cheating. I mean why would she” Kevin hesitated “I saw the ring and just knew I couldn’t marry her not when I want to be with someone else”.
He bent his head in shame just like the previous night and didn’t even see Scotty step up behind him until Scotty’ hands where on his shoulders caressing them. He started to shake from the relief he was feeling from his emotion and the desire to have Scotty touch on him.
He lent backwards and Scotty drew him until a hug until they were both completely relaxed; forgetting where they were and what they were doing but just enjoying the feel of being with each other.
Neither knew how long than stood like that until reality came crashing around them with a knock on the door and could he someone trying to get in.
“Go to one of the stools and I’ll unlock the door” Scotty whispered into Kevin’ ear “wait a minute and then come find me” they stepped away from their embrace and headed off in different directions.
Once Kevin was in the furthest stool Scotty unlocked the door and went outside calming that the door got a bit suck when he tried to open it originally and he had reported it to the staff so it should be fixed soon.
Then he went and should in front of a grandfather clock; pretending to be interested in the design rather than standing around and looking lost.
Kevin counted sixty seconds once Scotty’ voice had drifted away and he left the stool and the wash room.
He looked around the area once he left the wash room and saw the person he desired looking at a grandfather clock in one corner of the area.

He approached him slowly even though he wanted to run up to him and grab hold of him.
“So...” Kevin said once he was in hearing distance of Scotty “what now?” he asked.
“Do you trust me?” Scotty asked nervous about the answer that Kevin would provide.
Kevin only hesitated a split second before trusting his instinct and saying “Yes”.
“Then follow me” Scotty said and they fell step to step together as they walk away.
End of Part 15
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