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Unresolved – Part 14

By Kymley 
About: Kevin and Scotty
Rate: PG 
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just messing with the characters if B&S
Summary: Set in the episode Resolved because they still got back together too quickly on the show so I’m filling in the gaps for myself.

Kevin continued up the stairs and went to get the food ready; he decided that tonight was a comfort night so comfort food was his plan. He had decided on a pasta bake; with broccoli, garlic bread and a salad for a side dish. The preparation of the food would always take longer than the cooking; whilst the pasta bake was in the oven getting crispy Kevin decided that it was the opportune moment to get ready. 

Kevin had a quick shower and then went to look at his clothes; a pair of jeans and a loose top would be good and felt a little more relaxed in them, he felt that he was getting ready for a date. Well, he supposed, it was; not the type of date night that they used to have but a date where they were still testing the waters. He was nervous about the idea but also excited; they had been getting closer and he was starting to think that maybe he could trust Scotty, that they were starting to become them again and maybe... maybe he was ready for closer intimacy with Scotty. He knew his body was ready for it, there was no denying it and every time he saw Scotty he knew that he wanted Scotty. The problem was that his heart and brain hadn’t quite up with his body.

His heart was slowly mending, every time he saw Scotty smile, he could feel his heart squeeze together. It was his brain that was taking the slowest time to catch up; he wanted to trust Scotty but thought he couldn’t. He wanted to trust their relationship was strong enough to get through this but he doubted it. The thoughts originally clogged his mind, they slowly they started to disappear but doubt and trust issue still lingered in his mind.

He went back into the kitchen; still half an hour until the food would be ready. He had left the preparation of the salad to be done now; it was the easiest and quickest of the food to get ready. It was whilst he was chopping the cucumber that he heard the door open and he looked up to see Scotty coming in, he did a quick glance at the clock, he deduced that Scotty was early.

“Hi” Kevin called from the kitchen as he continued to prepare the food.

“Hi” Scotty answered nervously “I thought I’d have a quick shower before food” he explained. The thought of having an actual date with Kevin was nervous, exciting and peculiar. It was a strange feeling to revert back to a time so long along, which explained his nervousness, but he couldn’t help but be excited, this could be the breakthrough of their relationship, everything could be back to normal. He knew that he was hoping for a lot but they had been getting along so well; having fun, talking and kissing, he couldn’t help but enjoy his time.

“Ah, okay, I’ll see you in a bit” Kevin said as he quickly looked around with a nod and then went back to the food. He was shaking with nerves at this point and he wished he could relax, even if it was for only a minute. The pressure he felt for this night to be perfect was having the opposite affect than he had planned; he had just wanted to have a normal night with his husband and hang out but life wasn’t going to be that simple for him.


Scotty went through to the bathroom; he hadn’t noticed that the amount of nerves that he had coursing through his body had made him sweat through his clothes. He felt them as he was taking them off and with one look at them he threw them in a pile to get washed.

A nice hot shower should calm his nerves; he didn’t want to be nervous and he calmed his thoughts, just as he would do in preparation for doing yoga or when he was starting a shift in the kitchen.

“This is just Kevin” Scotty thought “he is just as nervous, he wants this to work as much as you do. He planned this, a nice little date for us, it will be fine, everything will be great after this” after repeating this speech to himself a number of times, Scotty managed to focus on washing himself and then got ready for dinner.

He choice clothes that were similar to Kevin’, he knew Kevin had changed his clothes from earlier so jeans and a nice stretch top would be a good idea and hopefully make himself relax. This wasn’t a posh restaurant or the first date; this was their home, this was supposed to be for fun, help them relax and be themselves.


The food was ate quickly and quietly; neither of the men knew what to say, this relax date night might have put more pressure on them than either of them expected. That was the issue; there was expectation for this night to go perfectly and for their night to hold the promise of the future... maybe even intimacy.

Kevin was already serving up a second glass of wine to both of their drinks; this showed how nervous Scotty was, he might have started drinking more since joining the Walker family but he drank even more when he was nervous.

Their eyes caught as Kevin finished topping up his own drinks and they couldn’t help but smirk and the uncomfortable situation; it released some of the tension that had built up during the dinner. Most of the food had already been eaten so Kevin pointed towards the film and said “Shall we” in more of a statement.

The both got up at the same time and in a unspoken agreement left the dishes to clean up later; picking up their glasses of wine, the bottle was now either in their bodies or in the glasses of wine, and headed over to the sofa. Kevin took the DVD, switched on the TV and opened up the DVD slot and put the DVD in its place and closed it.

Scotty was attempting to make himself comfortable on the sofa, half his wine already gone and he was starting to relax. Kevin went and sat next to Scotty; and after turning up the volume and pressing play on the control he drank his wine in one go and hoped it would relax him.

They were sitting closer than they had seated in a long time and during the opening of the film Scotty had lent his head on Kevin’ shoulder and by the half way through his head was on Kevin’ lap with Kevin softly stroking his hair.

Scotty was finally relaxing; he had felt the same moment that they both smiled too but nearing the end of the film Scotty could feel a difference in Kevin’ body once again.

End of Part 14

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