May. 28th, 2012

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So, I go into work today; which I do rarely at the moment, and there is filming at a hotel right opposite where I work. I love films so I'm intrigued: from my view I can see that it's a period drama, at least I presume. There is horse and carts and costumes; everything looks amazing.

What I really wanted to know was whether I knew any of the cast; I can't see that well with the sun in my eyes. It's not until I'm walking back to the bus stop that I hear someone go: "It's some actor that's welsh but lives in America" and I look around for Matthew but of course he isn't here; can't help but hear the word Welsh and think of Matthew.

It's not until I'm home that my brain decides to tell me that they also said "He's in Hornblower" and I know exactly who it is. Stupid head; it's really stubborn lately and refusing to work properly. And I realize with all the costumes on I might just not have recognised him/

He I'm on IMDB when I get home and searching Ioan Gruffudd name and trying to figure out what it is that they're filming; I believe it's Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box - it's filmed in England and has location of film in Bristol, so I think it might be right. It's the first time I've even heard about the film but reading about it; I think it's something I would like to watch. 

IMDB link -

What is the chance of actually witnessing something that you might actually enjoying watching and never heard about it until you saw the filming. Sam Neill is also in it with a bunch of other people.

Can't wait


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